Identifying malware through the use of Yara Rule files.

The Yara View

The Yara View provides access to the Yara Rule support that's built into ImHex. It lets you choose one or more rule files and matches the entire data against them.

For more information about how to use and write Yara rules, check out their Documentation.

File Chooser

Before any matching can be done, first select one or more Yara Rule files. This is done by pressing the + button which opens the Choose file dialog. Either select a file from the provided list there or click on Browse... to open a regular file picker. To remove a file from the list again, click the - button.


To now match against the selected set of Rules, click the Match Rules button. This will execute all the Rules in order and at the end displays the results in the Matches table below. Clicking on a row jumps to this Match in the Hex Editor View.

If any Rule uses Yara's console module, its output will be displayed in the console below the matchs table.

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