By default ImHex uses the Proggy Clean font, the default one used by ImGui, however it's also possible to load custom fonts.

Proggy Clean is a pixel perfect bitmap font which means scaling it only works well if it's done in integer increments. Any scaling factor inbetween will cause the font to look blurry. Because of that, setting the font size is disabled by default.

Supported fonts

Any TTF or OTF font is generally supported. However, things might look off when using a font that doesn't have monospaced glyphs. So called "Nerd Fonts" such as the fonts found on this GitHub repository, usually work great:

Changing fonts

To change your font, first open the Settings interface through Help -> Settings and open the Fonts tab. After that, either enter the path to your font in the Custom Font Path text field or click on the folder icon next to it to use the file picker.

The Font file is not copied, only the path is stored in ImHex's settings. Don't remove the font file after it has been selected or ImHex will revert back to the default font.

After a custom font has been selected, the Font Size slider also becomes available and can be used to specify the font's scaling.

ImHex needs to be restarted now for the changes to come into effect.

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