Input Text Boxes

ImHex contains a number of different input text boxes that expect different input. This page describes their functionality.

Input fields as seen in ImHex

Mathematical Input

This field expects some sort of mathematical expression such as -1234.5 or 0xABCD or

5 + 7 or log(e) / 2.

Important to note is, when trying to enter a hexadecimal value into these fields, the value must be prefixed with 0x.


Numerical Input

This field expects a numerical value. This can either be a floating point number, a decimal number, or a hexadecimal number.


Binary Pattern Input

This field expects a binary pattern string in the form of 0F ?? A?. The characters 0 to 9 and A to F specify the fixed value of that nibble while question marks specify a wildcard value. For more information on this, check the Binary Pattern page.


Regex Input

This field expects a regex-formatted input string. For more information on this, check the Regex cheatsheet.


Text Input

This field expects any valid UTF-8 string and doesn't expect any special formatting.


Sliders can be modified by simply sliding around the drag bar or by CTRL-Clicking on it and using it as a regular input text box.

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