Layouts and Workspaces


Workspaces and Layouts are ImHex's way of saving, restoring and managing window layouts. All their functionality can be accessed through the Workspace menu.


Layouts let you save the state and position of all open views in ImHex so they can be restored again later on. By default the Default and the Minimal layout are available, however new ones can be saved by using the Save Layout option. Clicking on the saved layouts below will discard the current window positions and overwrite them with the previously saved ones.

To remove a layout again, hold down the SHIFT key and click on the layout that should be removed.

It's also possible to Lock the current layout by clicking on the Lock Layout option. This will prevent making any modifications to the current window positions or their size. Clicking on the option again unlocks the layout again.


Workspaces are a system built on top of Layouts. The difference is that Layouts are snapshots of the current window layout that can be saved and restored at any point and overwrite the current layout.

Workspaces on the other hand let you create multiple work areas that can be switched back and fourth. This allows having multiple layouts for different tasks that can be used simultaneously. Any changes made to the layout is immediately saved to the workspace and will be there again when switching back.

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