Manage and keep track of data regions

Creating a bookmark

Bookmarks are an easy way to quickly remember regions of data and add a name and comment to it. To create a bookmark, simply select a region of bytes and either click on the Bookmark icon in the Toolbar or use the Edit -> Create bookmark option. A new bookmark will appear in the list which can be opened by clicking on it and then be modified.

Interacting with bookmarks

Once a bookmark has been created, it can be selected in the bookmark list. Clicking on its entry reveals all its properties that can be modified. To delete a bookmark, first make sure it's unlocked and then click on the X button in the header of the relevant bookmark. Bookmarks can also be moved around when they're closed by simply dragging them around the list.

In the Name row, a new name can be entered that will show up in the header as well.

Also the color can be modified by clicking on the color button to the left of it. A popup with a color picker and various template colors will open and can be used to change the color.

Bookmarks can also be locked by pressing on the Lock icon in the Name column. This will prevent any modifications of this bookmark and disallow deleting it. To unlock the bookmark, simply click on the button again.

Besides the name, a comment can be entered to document additional information that are relevant for this data.

All information entered here will also show up when hovering over the bookmark in the Hex Editor View and holding down the SHIFT key.

Jump to bookmark

In order to jump to the location of a bookmark, the left Jump to button in the Address row can be used.

If the content of this bookmark should be opened directly in a new tab instead, the right Open View Provider button can be used.

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