Content Store

Downloading additional external features

The Content Store is a simple store front that can be used to download extra features made by the community.

If you'd like to add your own items to the store, please submit a PR to the GitHub repository. Once your PR has been merged, the new files will automatically show up for everbody.

To access the Content Store, simply click on Extras in the Menu Bar and select Content Store.


The tabs at the top of the Store represent all the different available categories.

  • Patterns: Pattern Language Pattern files for various popular formats and data layouts

  • Libraries: Pattern Language Libraries such as the Standard Library.

  • Magic Files: Files used to determine the type of the data you loaded. These files also enable automatic loading of patterns.

  • Nodes: Custom Nodes for the Data Processor

  • Encodings: Custom encodings to decode bytes and display them in the Hex Editor's advanced decoding column.

  • Constants: Constant declaration files used in the Constants view.

  • Themes: Custom ImHex themes generated through the Theme Manager.

  • Yara Rules: Custom Yara rules that can be matched against in the Yara View.

Downloading content

To download any file, simply click on the Download button next to it. Once it's installed, it's immediately available in ImHex. To remove the file again, click on the Remove button that showed up in its place.

Files that have been modified upstream but have already been downloaded to your machine can be updated using the Update button next to them.

If the upstream repository has been modified since you opened the content store, the list can be updated using the Reload button.

If you want to update all files at the same time, click on the download all button at the top right

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